Our Fabric

Keeping Waste Plastics out of our Oceans and Landfills

Our unique, ultra soft and highly absorbent fabric is made using single use waste plastics. The internal side of the fabric, is made of Terry Loop Cotton and is soft and incredibly absorbent, helping even thick and heavy hair to dry quickly and gently. While the larger outside of the fabric is made from recycled PET plastics collected from plastic bottles. This allows for the fabric to be printed on in such beautiful detail without loss of the distinct loop, texture or quality of the towelling inside. 

 Gigi Sofi Hair Towel with Panther print Gigi sofi Hair Towel with Gingko Leaf Print 

From Landfill to Luxury

The use of this ingenious two sided fabric is beneficial for the environment in two ways. Firstly, we reduce the amount of cotton required to make a towel by over half. Reducing the water, carbon and human impact of cotton farming. Secondly, rPET, which makes up over 60% of our product is a recycled fabric made from single use plastics which could otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. Reducing the carbon footprint of making our towelling and helping to support the movement towards a circular textile economy.

Gigi Sofi Hair Towel unboxed  Gigi Sofi Hair Towel panther print

Ethical, Responsible and Certified Suppliers

We are also so proud to say that all our fabric patterns are Designed in the UK and Made in Europe. We don’t use any sweatshops and our suppliers are certified by Oeko-Tex Class I, are members of the Global Recycle Standard and the Seaqual Initiative.  Meaning they maintain the highest standards in producing their products, protecting their employees and making environmentally conscious choices.  


Packaging Designed and Made in the UK

Not only is our fabric and fabric manufacturers ecologically and socially conscious, we are incredibly careful to ensure we pick our packing materials and suppliers in the same way. All of our labelling and packaging is made by suppliers focused on responsibly sourcing sustainable materials and producing recyclable and biodegradable products.

Eco Alliance Badge

Our bespoke designed and made swing labels, tissue paper and postage boxes are all made 100% recycled paper and card and are themselves recyclable, while our stickers are fully biodegradable. 

custom packaging
  • Rachel Butters

    "I got one of these for Christmas and I love it. Makes me feel far more glamorous than a towel and love that it’s helping the environment!"

  • Katherine Bailey

    "I bought these as Christmas gifts for family and they all LOVE them. Great ethical product. Highly recommend."

  • Stephanie-Mayy Hindley-Morris

    "It’s amazing for mums as well who are so busy x I struggle trying to find the time to dry my hair anyway so this is perfect xx"