How to use

Simply Towel, Twist and Tie


Step 1 - Towel

With hair wet or dry, flip your head forward so that all your hair is reaching to the floor in front of your eyes. Place the wider end of your Gigi Sofi hair towel over the back of your head. Positioning the button at the nape of your neck.    How to use your Gigi Sofi luxury hair towel step 1. Towel dry your hair

Step 2 - Twist

Gather all your hair into the length of the towel, take a moment to make sure it is all cared for at the back of your head and by your ears. Sometimes it is nice to brush your hair gently here so it all falls into the towel and will dry as quick as possible. When it is all in place, starting at your forehead, twist the towel so all your hair is inside.

Step 2 of how to use your Gigi Sofi Hair towel. Twisting

Step 3 - Tie

After twisting and bringing your head up-right, lay the length of the towel over the back of your head, bringing the very end of the towel towards the button at the bottom of your neck. Use the elastic tie inside the very end of the towel to loop around the button and secure the towel in place.

Tie your Gigi Sofi Quick Dry Hair Towel Like this

Now feel fabulous 




  • Rachel Butters

    "I got one of these for Christmas and I love it. Makes me feel far more glamorous than a towel and love that it’s helping the environment!"

  • Katherine Bailey

    "I bought these as Christmas gifts for family and they all LOVE them. Great ethical product. Highly recommend."

  • Stephanie-Mayy Hindley-Morris

    "It’s amazing for mums as well who are so busy x I struggle trying to find the time to dry my hair anyway so this is perfect xx"