Improve Strength, Length and Shine of your Hair

Using a luxury Gigi Sofi hair wrap reduces damage, frizz and drying time of your hair, by letting it dry gently and and naturally, without the need for rough towel rubbing or harsh blow dying and heat styling. Improving the health of your hair, promoting shine and longer growth.

  • Improves health, strength and shine of hair
  • Promotes the growth of longer, shinier and more manageable hair
  • Reduces damage and breakage caused by heat styling and blow drying
  • Minimises frizz and split ends created by rough towel drying
  • Speeds up hair drying routine so you can get on with feeling fabulous 


    But thats not it...

    • Helps to maintain colour dyed hair
    • Use to keep hair dry in or bath or shower on non hair-washing days
    • Use to keep hair dry and out of the way while washing and during self care routine
    • Stops wet hair dripping on clothes, pyjamas and dressing gowns
    • Keeps you from getting cold while allowing your hair to dry naturally

    Combining Style with Conscience

    Made with fabric produced from recycled waste plastics, packed and sent with responsibly sourced packaging, Gigi Sofi combines style with an eco conscience.

    • Made from recycled waste and single use plastics
    • Packaged with responsibly sourced and recyclable packaging
    • Reducing use of energy heavy blow dryers, straighteners and stylers
    • Replacing use of 100% cotton fabric for towelling with a high carbon, water and social impact
    • Lessening the demand for fabrics in supply chains 
    • Reduces footprint of towel washing and replacement 
    For full information on our materials and our suppliers and what we are doing to make sure we make the best ecological choices possible see Our Fabric page.
    • Rachel Butters

      "I got one of these for Christmas and I love it. Makes me feel far more glamorous than a towel and love that it’s helping the environment!"

    • Katherine Bailey

      "I bought these as Christmas gifts for family and they all LOVE them. Great ethical product. Highly recommend."

    • Stephanie-Mayy Hindley-Morris

      "It’s amazing for mums as well who are so busy x I struggle trying to find the time to dry my hair anyway so this is perfect xx"