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Gigi Sofi Luxury Hair Wraps

Each of our five unique styles features a hand drawn design and embroidered monogram. Made from recycled materials they are unbelievably soft, absorbent and gentle on your hair.

Having long hair means putting up with wet shoulders, damp dressing gowns, heavy towels that fall off your head, or having to sit blasting your head with the hair dryer until your hair is frizzy and brittle and your arms ache with the effort.

GigiSofi hair wraps stop all of that. From the minute you exit the shower you can simply wrap your hair in luxury and leave it to dry naturally and quickly. Then, when you have finished with the wrap simply hang it to dry for just a few minutes and it will be ready to use again.

Browse our latest collection and choose from one of the stunning designs and become a convert. Once you have tried one there is just no going back...