What Our Customers Say...

  • Rachel Butters

    "I got one of these for Christmas and I love it. Makes me feel far more glamorous than a towel and love that it’s helping the environment!"

  • Stephanie-Mayy Hindley-Morris

    "I love it xx It’s amazing for mums as well who are so busy x I struggle trying to find the time to dry my hair anyway so this is perfect xx"

  • Ann Gill

    "I love my ethical hair towel. So luxurious and really dries my hair. Beautiful packaging too. Would make a perfect gift."

Quick and Gentle Hair Drying

Hair care is one thing we have to do everyday and can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. It can be expensive, damaging and for those with thick, long, or curly locks it can take HOURS!

Using Gigi Sofi luxury hair wraps speeds up drying and reduces breakage caused by rough towel drying and heat styling. Replacing the need to rub, blow dry or heat style hair is kinder to its health, reduces frizz, improves strength and shine.

Our super soft and luxurious fabric has been developed to produce the fastest drying speed, with minimum friction to be as kind as possible to your hair, and the best bit is, we made it from recycled water-bottles!

Explore our range of hair wraps for drying, hair wraps for sleeping and hair wraps for curly hair below.

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Not only do our ethically made hair towel wraps stop your clothes getting soaking wet, they can actually help improve the length, strength and shine of your hair.

Add to this that these hair wraps for women are made from recycled waste plastics, using eco friendly materials, ethically conscious suppliers, and responsibly sourced and recyclable packaging.

Read our hair wraps how to and more about all the personal and eco benefits of using hair wraps rather than large, rough towels or electricity heavy damaging heat styling on our How to and Benefits pages.

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